Creating a healthy community through a local, sustainable, and accessible food system

Hillview Urban Agriculture Center's objective is to create a healthy community by establishing a local, sustainable, and accessible food system that includes:

  • Food waste is being used to create soil.

  • People of all ages and capacities are being educated and inspired to cultivate food.

  • Prepare and preserving healthy food.

  • Supporting a food system that meets the needs of everyone in the community

  • Allow individuals of all ages and abilities to engage in informative and inspirational programs.

  • Grow organic and heirloom food seedlings for community gardens, school gardens, and the general public to sell or gift.

  • Grow produce for program participants as well as the cafeteria and other buyers at Mayo Clinic Health System..


Hillview Greenhouse, which has been flourishing for over a century, has a long history as the cornerstone of La Crosse's urban agriculture. The greenhouse changed hands numerous times throughout the course of the century, finally defying agricultural trends by focusing on organic techniques and output.

A voyage back in time reveals the Hillview Greenhouse's contribution to the city of La Crosse's status as a pioneer in the field of urban agriculture.

Hillview moved into a new state-of-the-art greenhouse on Western Technical College's campus in the Horticulture Education Center on the corner of 7th and Vine in October 2015, thanks to a shared vision and generous support from Mayo Clinic Health System—Franciscan Healthcare and Western Technical College, with support from the La Crosse Community Foundation.

Hillview is providing instruction on producing, cooking, and storing nutritious food with an emphasis on low-income individuals and families in the new greenhouse, as well as volunteer opportunities in greenhouse activities and programs for elderly citizens, specially-abled, and other community members.

The hoop house, greenhouse, and vermicompost center are the heart of this organization and do very good things for the La Crosse community.

When I'm here, volunteering becomes a form of enjoyable treatment. It's difficult to leave such a very gorgeous location. Great organization, with an even greater goal.

Enjoy the knowledge and resources this has provided for me as I start my gardening journey and preserving my goodies.